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Amenities and Facilities:

One Binondo features resort-like amenities that complements a resident’s desire for invigoration when starting their day, or repose upon coming home. With One Binondo finely-appointed areas for social, interactive, and leisure activities, make up the oasis of a home that it is.

The lifestyle of the residents One Binondo Manila is chareacterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of recreational amenities.

Always have peace of mind here at One Binondo with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building features.


One Binondo an integrated hub in Chinatown’s prominent gateway with residential, micro-mall, office and hotel components.

One Binondo Chinatown is a mixed-use retail and residential condominium development in Manila, carrying the Filinvest brand. The development promises to deliver an exclusive and distinctive living experience.

One Binondo Manila offer multi-faceted fun living right within the master planned. Homeowners will benefit from an upscale living experience that will uniquely cultivate personal interests and vibrant sensibilities in a home that’s simply a beat from Binondo’s busy urban landscape.

One Binondo Filinvest offers affordable units with well-appointed amenities and facilities that help you achieve and maintain a balanced and dynamic lifestyle. The project will have wide open spaces allowing you to refresh and recharge amid lush gardens and parks.


Floor Plans:

With fine quality finishes, large open plans, and abundant natural light and ventilation, an unparalleled quality of life is presented by every aspect of One Binondo.

In every unit, the materials used have the strongest quality that ensures durability and aesthetically-appealing design that makes each unit the dream space of every resident.

One Binondo has units with sizes that give the right amount of comfort and function. With a properly designed and constructed layout, families have a home set up works best for them. With a reasonable price range, Filinvest makes sure that what you get in One Binondo is more than your money’s worth.

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